Shoot for it! The Moonstone Sleeping Bag

What Clothes Should You Bring Camping: Essential Camp Clothing
What Clothes Should You Bring Camping: Essential Camp Clothing

Moonstone has been known as an industry leader in the sleeping bag industry thanks to its innovative technology used to create both down-filled and synthetically insulated sleeping bags.

The Moonstone sleeping bag is well-known for not only being warm and highly compressible for light packing but for the versatility that allows it to be used in wet and dry environments.

It is quite obvious attention goes into every detail of every bag and it is for this reason that many campers and hikers gravitate toward having a Moonstone sleeping bag as part of their camping gear.

Moonstone was a company that found inspiration in the needs of a mountain rescue team in Northern California. The team’s challenges brought on by a wet coastal climate spawned the very thing that has made Moonstone the industry leader it is today. Previously, campers and hikers only had a choice between either synthetic insulation or down.

However, a Moonstone sleeping bag constructed of half synthetic insulation and half goose down really made an impression in the world of outdoor gear. Goose down is well-known for losing its insulation properties when wet and therefore was not an option for those camping in those environments.

With a Moonstone sleeping bag, synthetic insulation, which handled moisture well, was placed on the bottom while natural down filled the top of the sleeping bag. Now campers and hikers in wet climates could have the down filled sleeping bag they had always dreamed of. It was the best of both worlds.

A Moonstone sleeping bag uses state-of-the-art water and wind resistant fabrics in the construction of its shell. Inside the bag, the ultra-light fabrics provide comfort and warmth.

A Moonstone sleeping bag also comes with a number of handy features such as glow-in-the-dark zippers (great for the middle of the night trips to the bathroom), full-length draft tubes, hoods, draft collars and much more.

Those who have experience with a Moonstone sleeping bag are more than pleased with the amount of quality and features they get with the bag and consider it money well spent and purchase very worth making.

Moonstone is very well-known for not being afraid to use many pioneering techniques and going down avenues that other outdoor gear companies could or wouldn’t go.

The company created sleeping bags with removable hoods and built-in sleeping pads that afforded campers and hikers to make their own adjustments and be comfortable.

Creating products with the serious outdoor enthusiast in mind is how Moonstone has managed to put itself at the forefront of the outdoor industry.


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