25 Sexy SUV Camping & Vandwelling Accessories

In this article, I wanted to show you 25 little SUV RVing accessories that I find super useful. These are just things that I have found super useful on my travels.

1.USB external Battery packs

I have three of these USB external battery packs of different sizes and I use these instead of solar to charge things like my my phone and my tablet.

I just charge these up either at a library when I’m on the road or from the transformer in my car and they’re great for running my phone and tablet and other little things that need to be charged via USB.

2. Solar Lantern

I really like it because I don’t need to worry about batteries. I can just to get in my windshield for a couple hours everyday and it never runs out of power.

3. Gorilla tripod.

I use this gorilla tripod a ton when I’m recording videos and taking pictures it’s great for setting up so I can take time to pictures of myself when I’m out hiking and things like that.

I also have a phone tripod adapter that works really well holding my phone when I want to take pictures with my phone.

One great thing about the gorilla pod setup is they have a little quick-release adapter that you can attach to your camera or to your phone tripod holder thing makes it really easy to switch out between the camera on the phone.

4. Army Knife

I keep a classic Army knife on my keychain. It’s the only thing I have on my car key and it’s great. It has a knife and scissors and a little file and screwdriver and of course the tweezers and toothpick

5. Headlamp

A headlamp is really useful for hiking around at night or just futzing around camp at night . My favorite headlamp is the one that I recently got. The great thing about it is that it is designed to mount on your hat. It offers you hand free for doing other jobs and it’s super bright. It’s very versatile and powerful headlamp.

6. State Atlases (Benchmark brand)

I have a few of these state atlases by benchmark and they’re super useful for finding campsites and also for finding interesting things see or do on the road that I otherwise would miss.

The great thing about them is if they have BLM and national forest land marked on the map so it really does make it easier to find places to boondock.

7. Nationwide Road atlas

In addition to the state atlases, I have a nationwide Road atlas. This is great for planning the bigger picture of a trip and seeing where the different towns and cities are in relation to each other in a state.

8.USB charger

I have this 6 port USB charger. Again when I go into a library to do some work and to use the internet, I can just plug this in and charge all of my USB devices.

9. Outlet splitter

Another thing I use a lot of the library is this outlet splitter and an extension cord. When there are lots of people using the outlets, it’s great to have a splitter.

If the outlet is far away, it’s great to have an extension cord.

10. Windshield Sunshade

I really like this little sunshade. I keep it folded up in the side pocket of my driver-side door . They’re super easy to set up. It covers my entire window and it’s too breezy to take down. Also again the fact that it’s so compact I really like that.

11. Mini Travel umbrella

I also have a little mini travel umbrella in that side door pocket. It’s great for just running into the grocery store when it’s raining outside and then I can just to get in my pocket when I go on a short hike.

12. Sunglasses

I have a few pairs of sunglasses. A double sunglasses visor clip comes in very handy. Makes it very easy to access my sunglasses.

13. Bottle clip

This is a neat little innovation. it’s called the aqua clip and just a little piece of plastic you attach it to the neck of a water bottle.

And then that gives the water bottle a little clip. You can stick it in your pocket or all your belt.

I use this a lot when I’m going on short hikes where I don’t want to carry a backpack but I still want some water

14. Pee bottle

I use this yellow Nalgene bottle as a pee bottle when I’m sleeping inside my SUV and it’s late and it’s dark and cold outside.

I don’t want to leave I just whip that out and use it.

It’s also useful for when you’re stealth camping and you it’s just not practical to leave the car to to go to the bathroom.

15. Pop-up shower tent

You may have seen this green pop-up shower tent before. It’s super useful. I like it a lot. it’s much more compact than other ones I’ve seen

It’s not a big deal at all so just toss it up and use it and then it collapses down easily quickly.

16. Spray bottle

This spray bottle is hugely important for me. I use it as a faucet so I use it to wash my hair. I use it to brush my teeth.

I’ve tied a length of paracord around the top and so when I’m driving, I sit it on the floor and then I use a little clip to clip that paracord to the seatback pocket. That makes sure that the bottle doesn’t fall over and leak while I’m driving.

17. Cup holder

This little thing is a pouch that attaches to the vent. I use it mostly as another cup holder. But you can also use it for a phone or whatever else will fit in there.

I think it’s just really useful to have another little spot to put things right next to that.

18. Vent phone holder

I have a phone holder that attaches to the event. I really like this vent attachment setup and the passive has suction cups

Those don’t really work well for me. I found the vent mounted phone holders to work very well.

19. Stove

I don’t cook a lot when I’m on the road because I don’t really like to cook but I do it sometimes. When I do, I use this great little stove.

It uses widely available liquid fuel canisters. It’s very compact. It comes with its own little plastic carrying case. It even has a built in the ignition system

20.Stove Windscreen

Along with the stove, I use a windscreen. It’s pretty basic. It’s metal and it just folds up. It’s very useful for keeping these dopes flame protected from the wind.

21. Compact cups and Pot

This is a nifty little thing I got is a pot with a lid and with a couple of cups that fit inside. The best part about it is that my stove and its little plastic case fits inside the cups when they’re nested inside of the pot.

I have the stove pot the cups and the lid in one little very small unit .

22. Small power inverter

This is a little energizer Brand Cup transformer we’ve had this for a couple of years never had any problem with it. it has four USB slots in it so it can charge a few devices at a time. It also has a standard wall outlet so I can charge my laptop or anything else that it uses a wall outlet to the charge or for power.

23. Digital tire pressure gauge

I really like this little digital tire pressure gauge. It does exactly what you think it would do. It tells you the pressure of your tires. It is very simple but very effective and easy to use

24. Binoculars

I like to keep them in my glove compartment for viewing wildlife

25. Folding camp chair

Finally I have this little folding camp chair. I use this when I’m at camp and you get on the ground or on a rock but mostly I use this when I’m actually inside my SUV.

When I’m sitting on my bed, I whip out this chair, sit on it and then I can use my laptop on my lap. It’s very comfortable. If I just sit up with my back against the back the driver’s seat, I founded that hurts my back a little bit

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